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HID Projecoter Lens Universal Headlamp Xenon

HID Projecoter Lens Universal Headlamp Xenon
HID Projecoter Lens Universal Headlamp Xenon
Product Code : 2.5inch LENS PJ-02
Product Description

HID Projector Lens Universal Headlamp Xenon

HID projector lens light characteristics:

1.Two-light Xenon projector lens light, the use of the oval reflector and convex glass imaging principle, applied in car headlights, the composition of good lighting. which by electromagnetic change low light into high light mutually. Safe and reliable performance, with fine new appearance of the modified angel eyes. Let your headlamps more dizzy, cool!

2. Near-ray light Dengying clear, clear cut-off line. With good compliance with ray-shaped, for vehicles and pedestrians will not cause glare of light.

3. The middle of high beam shadow contain condenser groups, to allow motorists visually brighter, further irradiation distance.

4. installation simple, without damage to the original car headlamps
5.than that of ordinary car xenon HID lamp performance and stability, Dengying more standardized, driving safer, more beautiful appearance
6. with a delay time of the smart function , with two-light lamp, lamp holder mounted on a single lamp while turn on the four high-lights, true feelings, such as night driving day charm.
7. can satisfy H1, H7, 9004,9005,9006,9007, H4 Hi/ L…etc, the installation of different lamp models.

This Projector kit include:

  • 2 x HID projector lens bulb(bi-xenon)

  • 2 x 9-16V/35W HID digital Ballast.

  • 2 x CCFL angle eyes

  • 2 x Demons eyes.

  • Relay and manual of install.

  • Weight: 3.5Kg.

  • HID bulbs parameters

  • Starting Voltage: 23KV

  • Rated Power: 35W 

  • Color temperature range: 4300-10000K.

  • Luminous:  3000lm  

  • Bulb  life-spun:3000h  

  • parameters  of  angle  eyes  

  • input  voltage:12v  

  • rated  power:3w  

  • color  : white,blue,green,yellow,pink(optional  )  

  • life  spun—2500h

The scope of products:
1. The original car lights matching.

2. H4 car headlamps auto replace market.

Product parameters:

  • Bulb type: 35W  H4 xenon light

  • Bulb color temperature: 6000K

  • 6000K bulb life: 3000h

  • Angel eye power: 3W

  • Angel eye Input voltage: 12V

  • Angel eye Life: 25000h

  • Angel eye color: blue (can be arbitrary matching)

Easy installation, without damage to the original car head lamps

1 down the front cover
2 install the projector lamp
3 coated with glue, to build back the front cover
4 bulbs installed
5 covered with dust cover